Top 5 Hip Hop Albums Of Fall 2009

2009 was filled with a great deal of high quality releases in addition to some albums that skipped their marks. Much more than a handful of stellar MC's launched music that was disappointing or flat out forgettable.

Following Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, no.four and no.5 on the list, 2010 American Music Award nominee Usher lands at no.6 followed by Jay-Z (sans R&B/Hip Hop) at no. 8, who has 11 albums on the R&B/new hip hop albums chart and ninety nine titles on the R&B/Hip Hop tunes tally.

This team gets major points for originality and street credibility. Spawned some of Hip Hops most unique artists like Technique Guy, ODB, and RZA. When they arrived on the scene in 1992, there was no 1 like them. Some of the very best manufacturing and grittiest lyrics of all-time.

CD: Thats so great. Because you've been there, have you carried out anything? Who have you collaborated with? I mean, have you even had time since every thing has exploded with the album and touring for Pomegranate?

For years Ludacris hyped the launch of a joint album with then Disturbing Tha Peace member Shawnna known as Battle of the Sexes. Shawnna left the DTP family members and Luda moved on with her only showing on a couple of tracks. Younger Cash artist Nicki Minaj joined Luda on the single My Chick Poor which was dope, but not sufficient to save the album. A project that began out being a good concept finished up being a disaster. No lengthier a accurate "battle of the sexes" Ludacris' seventh album wound up being a slew of cheesy R&B songs and poor strip club songs.

It's hard to make a sequel to a fantastic document and not completely embarrass your self but Capone-N-Noreaga managed to pull it off. The War Report 2 dropped 13 many years following the original and while it isn't as fantastic as the first War Report it's still fairly damn great. Capone and Nore caught to what they do best on WR2, spitting hood rhymes over East Coast beats.

Notorious B.I.G. mixtapes are a should-have for anyone who enjoys this style of songs. Whether he was rapping on your own or with his very best friend, Sean "Diddy" Combs, his here tunes were usually true to his thoughts and beliefs. A gap in the music globe was produced when this landmark artist died before he could display us all he had to give.

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